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News and Announcements

NEW! Region 2 Facebook Page

Join the new Region 2 Facebook page and connect with Mensa members throughout the Mid-Atlantic! Never miss out on another Regional Gathering, and get to know members in adjacent local groups.

Mind Games 2012
Herndon, VA
April 20-22, 2012

The American Mensa Mind Games® competition showcases some of the newest and best games on the market. Through this event, Mensa members — some of the country's most avid game players — judge new games on the U.S. market according to a full range of criteria. Game manufacturers and inventors submit the games for judging.

Of the more than 50 games entered each year, five are chosen as Mensa Select®. Winners such as Scattergories™, Taboo™ and Apples to Apples™ have gone on to become top-sellers and award winners.

For the latest information on Mind Games® and for information on registration, visit the Mind Games® website.

CultureQuest 2012
April 29, 2012

Set your calendars and round up your trivia buffs — the 2012 CultureQuest® competition will take place on Sunday, April 29th.

You can register online at the CultureQuest® website by selecting CultureQuest Registration from the left menu. Downloadable rules and registration forms are also available on that page.

Lehigh Pocono Mensa Scholarship Fund

Please consider donating to the Lehigh Pocono Mensa Scholarship Fund. Your non-tax-deductible gift will support the educational goals of an outstanding student from our area.

Contact our Scholarship Chair, Mike Benioff, to donate to the fund or volunteer your time.